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Nov 28, 2012 1:00pm EST
cnn coming in at end of the year with lots of speculation whether that would be former n eer nbc alum jeff z. >>> we're having a little bit of fun with today's yahoo! finance poll. the big powerball jackpot is out there. when you win tonight's drawing what will you do first? 24% said quit my job. 13% said pay my taxes. 16% said donate to charity. but 47% change my phone number. can't blame them for that certainly. >>> now to brian sullivan for what's coming up on a very special edition of "street signs" today. hi, brian. >> hey, sue. it is going to be champagne wishes and caviar dreams on "street signs" today because our recovery road trip wraps up. we are in the number one city for the stock market over the past year. all ten stocks at our cnbc index were higher year over year. we have got a great guest lineup. we've got the mayor, some ceos, we've got a billionaire who owns a local football team. i can't give it away because you'd know where i am. we have the beluga, it is going to be a whale of a show. whale of a show. >> indeed, a whale of a show. have fun! we'll see you at 2
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1